Thursday, June 19, 2014

Classroom Community: Who was included? Who was left out?

Who was included?  Who was left out?

One of my goals for this school year, as I found myself back in the role of classroom teacher with 32 second graders, was to build a true classroom community.  I read about Peace Circles last Summer, and remembered sitting in a "Magic Circle" myself in 1970something.  I made a collection of songs, and practiced them on my guitar.  I taught my kids to sing This Land is Your Land, This land is My Land and It's A Small World.  Today, in my mind, there is a bit of a negative connotation to the idea of peace and love, but also something nostalgic and idealistic.  I am an idealist.  I'll admit it, I like lofty goals.  The pragmatic part of me knows it isn't always easy or practical to include that kid who can't keep himself from bouncing all around the room.  It's hard not to send away the little girl who so often hurts others with the words she can't hold back.  But the peace loving hippy, the novice teacher at heart, loves the idea of creating a place for kids to feel safe and supported, valued and encouraged, inspired and loved.  I'm going to keep working on it!

Isn't this a beautiful picture of kids?  A circle of gentle hands, patience and sunshine?  Yes, it is! And, they are mine.  My little community of learners.  But upon reflection...  how many do you see in this picture?

     Who is included?  

These are my strongest personalities.  These are the ones who listened to my advice, "Be still... stay back... watch them fly... make sure everyone can see!"  But then, they couldn't resist the urge to inch forward.

  • Neither could I... but I'm the teacher, right?  The teacher gets to move, to touch!
  • The boy with the mohawk.  He's our scientist, so of course he can't resist the natural impulse to get closer.  Can't stop that curiosity!  Let him move forward, he brought us the tadpoles and newts.  He brought cow magnets, geodes and homemade tornadoes for sharing time.
  • The boy in the baseball cap.  He's the one who sits on a ball in class to help him control his body and pay better attention.  Look how gentle he is!  Of course I can't stop him from creeping forward.
  • The little girl I mentioned before, the one with angry words.  Oh my!  She reaches out her hand and crawls on her knees toward the butterfly... just wishing, just hoping, she might be the one it chooses to land on.  Just once, to be the one selected.  Wouldn't it be wonderful?
  • Front and center.  She is strong and brave and kind.  She is wiggling in, so she can scoop up that sweet little butterfly, and bring it to her friend still sitting in the circle criss cross apple sauce just waiting for his turn.  But notice, her hand is on the bottom of the pile?  She will bring us all up and along with her where she goes.  Can't wait to see who she turns out to be!
Who is left behind?

With 32 kids, this has been my biggest struggle all year long.  Who do I spend that extra few minutes of one-on-one time with?  Who do I leave be, because he will do just fine without me?  Oh... but is that the one who needed me most, and was too polite to say?  After 45 minutes of math workplaces, the one who whispers, "I was waiting... and you never got to me."  In the butterfly circle... I can tell you who is left behind.  But I worry because there are some, that maybe I can't tell you enough about.  Next year, I will do better.  

  • The independent, creative, and well... sometimes stubborn one.  She likes to do things her way, in her time, and yes... sometimes it's all about her.  Today, she wants so badly to participate and prove me wrong.  She can do it, she will listen.  She will wait her turn.  And, because she waited today... she didn't get to touch the butterfly.  But, she saw him fly!
  • Our wonderful funny one.  He's telling us all about it, and has his own little community in the corner of the courtyard.  Butterflies?  What about beetles, and ants and ... hey!?  What will happen to our butterfly with the bent wing?  What about that robin over there?  Does he eat butterflies?
  • The girl with all the stories in her head.  Is looking enough?  Will that butterfly fly so she can tell his tale?  Or will he get crumpled under too many feet?
  • The kids in the middle.  I didn't think to give them extra attention, to clear a path for each of them to see... I tried, but there were too many.  The moment passed too quickly.  Because butterflies sit still for a moment, and then they are off!

Some things I have read lately, that inspired this question of Who was included?  Who was left out?...

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And these, make me wonder about our Positive Behavior Support policies.  In my classroom, in our school.  Who is included?  Who is left out?

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