Thursday, October 9, 2014

So, I am thinking about conferences next week.

As a parent, there are a few things I have hoped to learn when I attend my boys' conferences.  By sharing this letter with you, (never really sent since they are older now) I hope you will know I am looking forward to and am anticipating your questions.

As a teacher, I hope you understand that I might not be able to answer all of these questions for you in October since we are still getting to know each other in class, but I wish I could.  So, I have written you a letter to get you thinking about our possible conversation.  Please help me to know your sweet kids!

Dear Teacher,

     Who are you?  Please help me get to know you, because you will be spending this year with one of my most important people!

     What are the interesting, cool, projects that you have planned this year?  If I know what you are excited about, I can help you!

     What do you know about my boy?  Please tell me something that you have discovered about my child... without checking your grade book.

     How will you inspire and support my son?  Let’s help him grow his talents and gain confidence where he struggles, together.

     Do you know what I know?  I know he can be difficult, I know he sometimes challenges you, I know he is shy and sometimes a show off and a little bit wiggly.  I also know he is brilliant and passionate and curious and cautious.

     But, what is he like at school?  Please share the moments you have seen him shine, and also your observations of the times he has been frustrated or sad or lonely.

     What will work?  You have more experience than I do with 9th graders, with geometry, with ... so much that I am not even aware of.  


Ben’s Mom
Thomas’ Mom
Christopher’s Mom

Dear Parent,

     Who are you?  Please help me to understand your values and goals and hopes for your child!

     What will inspire and interest your child?  Please give me a hint... how can I connect to your child’s passion?

     Am I on the right track?  I plan every minute of the day with so much care... seating arrangements, talking partners, activities for interaction and movement and reflecting and challenge and support.  But, I know I have missed something.  What is it?

     What does your most precious person say about school when he or she comes home?  Do you hear the stories about our inventions, our math talk, our book making?

     How do you talk about school at home?  Do you share excitement and love of learning?  Do you ask about our magnet experiment and whether our maps were helpful in finding a route to the library?  Are you eager to sit and read together?

     Have you read my blog?  Got my email?  Seen the newsletters?  And if you have... what do you think?  Are they helpful?  Is there a better way to communicate?

     How do you feel about your child’s experience in my class?  I hope you feel confident in my abilities, in my care and thought for your child, in my openness to hear from you!


Your child’s reflective teacher, Mrs. Davies