Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Twitter #edchat provides good food for thought


This Summer, I have been trying to learn some new technology strategies, and one has been to participate in twitter chats.  #Edchat seems to be the most popular and occurs regularly, twice on Tuesdays.  Since the purpose of my blog is personal & professional reflection I though that some mini-posts once in awhile in response to the day's chat topic would be a good idea.

Honestly, it's really about the fact that it is soooooo hard for me to contain my thoughts to just the 140 characters of a tweet.  The hashtags and @ personIamrespondingto even take up characters!

This morning's chat was about staff meetings. The question was, how can they be more productive?

My thoughts...

1. Yes, share info though it has already been sent via email.  Some of us are auditory learners, or just busy, or might have missed it in daily many emails.  But, share info quickly.

2. Someone said that they should be called staff conversations instead of meetings.  I agree, if we are coming together, it should be for sharing and communicating.

3. Someone said that they value more informal gatherings, and hallway conversations.  Though I really appreciate those conversations, I think that if the ideas are not shared it can create cliques and exclusive elements within the school culture.  I want to be part of the great idea that fourth grade teachers are trying, and recreate it with and for my 2nd graders.  I feel left out if I hear about it a year later, and have missed some of the shared excitement of figuring it out together.